Box Top Winners

Congratulations to our Box Top Winners!


Ms. Conrad (JTP), Ms. Chidester (MD-1) and Mrs. Parrish (TJ-2) classes collected the most box tops and were treated to an ice cream party. Overall, we collected 11,603 Box Tops, raising $1160 for our schools. Great work kids, parents, grandparents and all who sent in box tops!

Membership Directory Art Contest Winners

…and the winning artists are Ela Rees (1st Grade) and Mya Taheri (3rd Grade)! Congratulations to our two winners – their artwork will be placed on the front/back cover of this years FCEPTA’s membership directory. Ela and Mya will receive a $20.00 gift card from Clay Cafe.

We thank all of the artists that submitted their work! We have so many fabulously talented artists. Here’s a link to some of the wonderful submissions we received.




Ms. Dubois’ Class – Ice Cream Party with Principal Palermo Spring 2015 winners at TJ

Congratulations to the ‘Kids Love to Write’ Winners!

2nd Grade: Charlie Taylor and Mina Jun

3rd Grade: Marianne Moody and Remi Osztreicher

4th Grade: Emma Hart and Saya Nylim

5th Grade: Rachel Margarella and Truman Lapp

These talented writers will read their work at 4p.m. this Saturday (Nov. 1st) at One More Page Books!

Many thanks to One More Page Books and Julie Harrison for teaming up with Principal Palermo at TJ to Create this opportunity for our students! Congratulations to our winners! Great job!

Ms. Goodwin’s Class – Ice Cream Party with Principal Palermo


Students in Ms. Lightbourne’s 1st grade classroom enjoyed an ice cream treat – a thank you for their hard work collecting Box Tops over the Summer! The classroom’s students collected over 550 Box Tops! They had a special visit from Ms. Halayko too, she is very proud of her students! Good job kids!