180 Days of Gratitude

FCEPTA and other school affiliated organizations want to celebrate the people who make a difference. Do you know someone who should be recognized?

Email us at 180daysofgratitude@gmail.com. #fccps #180gratitude



FCEPTA Book Fair: Oct 17-22 in the TJ Media Center


Once again, Bookworm Central is offering hundreds of reasonably priced books, IQ boosting strategy games and gift items for sale. Profits from the book fair will be used to benefit all three elementary school libraries.

Student Wish Days: On Wish Days, students visit the Book Fair with their classes to select books to put on their Wish Lists. Students may purchase books during school hours at assigned times or they may come during evening hours to make purchases with their families.

Teacher Wish Lists: There will be a wish list board set up at the fair. Teachers fill out cards with the names of books that they would like for their classrooms. As a parent, you will have the opportunity to enhance your child’s classroom library by purchasing one or more of the requested books. Please be sure to look for the Teacher Wish List board in the library during the Book Fair.

Student Wish Days: Monday & Tuesday during school hours.

Student Buy Days:

  • Tuesday from 8:45 to 3:45
  • Wednesday from 8:45 to 1:15
  • Thursday from 8:45 to 3:45

Family Evening Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 5:00 to 8:30

The FCEPTA Book Fair accepts major credit cards, cash and checks.

Questions? Contact: Adena Williams (adenawilliams@gmail.com)

Directory Art Contest

image-winner-Mt Daniel Sylvia Witt

FCEPTA Directory Art Contest

Two winners will be selected – one from Pre K to 1st Grade, and one from 2nd to 5th Grade. Each winner will have their art featured in the directory and win a $20 gift card!

Due Friday, October 14. For more on rules, click here.

Box Tops for Education collection starts now!


Please send in clipped/unexpired Box Tops with your child to give to his/her teacher. Place them in a zip lock bag or envelope labeled with your child’s classroom teacher’s name. The class in each of our schools (JTP, MD, TJ) with the most Box Tops by Oct. 28 will win a popsicle party, sponsored by the FCEPTA.  Then keep clipping all year round! You can find Box Tops on a lot of products such as Betty Crocker, General Mills, Ziploc, and so many more. Many thanks to Katrina Wagner and Leah Kuo for organizing Box Tops.  Thanks to them and everyone who sent in Box Tops, the FCEPTA received over $2000 last year.


To promote the goals of PTA – supporting and speaking on behalf of children in our schools, helping parents to be effective guardians and role models for their children, and encouraging greater parental involvement at the school level – through the dissemination of information, promotion of legislative participation, and provision of skill development and enhancement to local and council PTAs.

Mission Statement