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Fall Carnival Thank You!


For the past several years,  Anduin Touw and Brian Jackson have been the two people who made sure the Carnival happened and served as a successful fundraiser at the same time.  They along with their team, planned for months in advance.  This year, they had to do double duty- overseeing the Spring Carnival and then graciously agreeing to put on another Carnival this Fall as we permanently move the Carnival to the Fall.  Last weekend was their last Carnival and they are truly going out on a high note– huge attendance and generating $5000 for the FCETPA.  Thank you, Anduin and Brian!  We also had an incredible planning team this year-  Molly Barba, Meghan Goldenberg, Jaime Iglehart, Eric Hammerschmidt, Naomi Goodwin and Jaclyn Roberston.  Eric, Naomi and Jaclyn have helped for several years now.  Molly, Meghan and Jaime will be our lead volunteers for next year’s Fall Carnival.  Well done, everyone! 

As we said numerous times, we needed A LOT of volunteers to make this happen.  Thanks goes to everyone listed below.  We couldn’t have done it without you!  Thank you!

 Amy Hjerstedt,  Alane Relk, Mike and Brittany Sakata, Mary Sanford,  Liz Weatherly, Heidi Banko, Becki Creed, Anna Teply, Nicholas Teply, Allison Teply, Krystsina Turner, Bronwen Rankin, Carline Cappo, Eileen Citron, Patricia Tierney, Audrey Slover, Mariana Howard, Tara Villano, Katie Adams, Georgetta Carroll, Kirsten Zochowski, Diane Zanetti, Rex Crespin, Chrystie Swiney, Joanna Yamashita, Ricardo Bolanos, Isabella Villano, Natalie Gray, Amy Gilmore, Marisa Callan, Eftihia Ioannidou, Katherine Secrist, Madeline Aldana, Molly Jobin, Deven Martino, Reese Davis, Beth Biegel, Cathy Dinh, James Tysse, Kathleen Cobucci, Romney Duerden, Morgan Beltson, Libby Brooke, Miri Brooke, Stephanie Barrus, Whitney Owen, Jacob Radcliff, Adam Hughes, Regan Davis, Elizabeth Meade, Beth Hahn, Jocelyn Potts, Greg Anderson, Kenna Brown, Ross Litkenhous, Haydee Vargas, Jess Sabo, Shannon Litton, Tamar Weisert, Laura Von SchritzL, Shermane Martino, Laura Downs, Pam Micciche, Alison Creswick, Jack Flanagan, Maya Wrona, Mathew Downs, Thomas Downs, Kasey Flanagan, Carla Gray, Letty Hardi, Anna Thompson, Carolyn Bruce, Susan Janec, Kerry Carlsen, Becky Fulgham, Maria O’ Keefe, Dori Hazan, Nadine Block, Aimee Urquhart, Mila Fesler, Karen Klauss, Cynthia Gronvall, Margaret Rood, Chris Marrow, Erin Gill, Courtney Newbold, Emily Carmody, Liesl Leach, Stacy Stoller, Susi Brittain, Cristy Basquez,, Francesca Belouad, Cyndi Bohlin, Anita Chan, Carol Felderman, and Jennifer Green


Directory Art Contest!

Calling all Artists, Doodlers, and Students who love to draw

Deadline- October 20

 2017-2018 PTA Student Directory Art Contest

Two winners will be selected – one from Pre- K to 1st Grade, and one from 2nd to 5th Grade.
Each winner will have their art featured in the directory and win a $25 gift card!

1. Artwork is due by Friday, October 20.
2. The picture should be created on 8 ½” x 11” paper.
3. Include your name and grade on the back or attach a note. Please don’t sign the front.
4. Send us your artwork by email (scan or send a photograph) or by mail:

PTA Directory Art Contest, 803 Lincoln Ave, Falls Church, VA 22046

Create your best work that shows Falls Church City or our elementary schools.
If you draw mascots please include all 3: Gertie the Giraffe, Danny the Hippo & TJ Tiger.
We suggest not using pencils – it can be too hard to see when printed.


Ongoing Fundraisers

Every day you have an opportunity to help the PTA, just by shopping with these merchants.  Thousands of dollars are raised when you buy through these fundraisers.  For Certifikid use promotion code FCES.  Thank you for your ongoing support!

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