Contribute to your Child's Class Funds

This is an opportunity to make a one-time voluntary contribution to cover expenses organized by the Room Parent of your child’s class throughout the school year.

The funds will be used for:
• Two class celebrations
• Teacher, paraprofessional (if applicable) and ENCORE teacher holiday gifts
• Teacher paraprofessional (if applicable) and ENCORE teacher staff appreciation week gifts
• HTG raffle basket 
• Staff Appreciation Week gifts
• Class Picnic (2nd – 5th grade)

Money collected will be pooled by grade level and distributed equally between the classes. The Room Parents will be responsible for handling the individual class budgets so some flexibility is certainly expected and allowed.

Thank you for your support!

Questions? Contact Annalisa Aldana (Jessie Thackrey / Mt. Daniel) or Brent Nussbaum (Oak Street).